Chicago, IL | 11.22.14

The future physician leaders that make up the American Medical Student Association are passionate about improving health care in this country, starting with the culture of medicine.

November 21
Doctors need to learn about patients’ priorities as they face the end of life, even if the conversations are uncomfortable, so that dying patients can still have good days.
November 20
Medicine has a long history of innovation. In order to really drive these changes, we need to actively teach our medical students and residents about innovation and implementing changes in health care.
November 19
One app called Figure 1 has been described as an Instagram for doctors. This new way of sharing knowledge can lead to more accurate diagnoses as well as continued learning regarding new treatment options.
November 18
Night-float, while challenging, has been both helpful for my professional growth and personal confidence as a provider.
November 17
Today we’re reading about a comfort-focused emergency room, a new hospital job focusing on patient satisfaction and the challenge of saying goodbye to a patient.
November 14
Please join us in welcoming our latest Writing Fellow, Dr. Tate Hinkle.