We’re taking The American Resident Project on the road to explore ideas about the future of health care delivery and meet emerging physician leaders along the way! Stay tuned for events in your area.

October 21
Medical students and future physicians tend to be trustworthy customers/borrowers, and the government knows that the country needs doctors. However, no one teaches us about debt in medical school.
October 20
Today we’re reading about challenges for doctor-patient communication, dual-degrees fostering a new type of physician and treating the disease verse treating the illness.
October 17
What kind of art makes the best medicine? New studies are convincing hospitals that an evidence-based approach to art actually improves health outcomes.
October 16
It’s difficult to have a conversation about controlling the costs of health care without discussing the skyrocketing costs of medical education and the debt used to finance it.
October 15
It’s the patient’s medical record, but does the patient ever see it? What are your thoughts giving patients access to their EMRs?
October 14
Obstetrics is 90 percent YAY-BABY-DAY(!) and 10 percent heart-wrenching. It's usually good, but when it's not good…it's downright terrible.