This year, Match Day is Friday, March 18th, and the American Resident Project has devoted the whole month to sharing posts related to the Match.

June 28
Patients often go to the ER for issues that can be treated by a primary care provider more cheaply and efficiently.
June 28
In the national debate on health care reform there is one change almost everyone agrees will help improve our health care system: increasing access to primary care.
June 23
It is important for patients to not only understand the health care system, but also how to manage and treat their conditions and overall health.
June 21
We know that burnout rates are not only high among physicians, but also that they appear to be on the rise.
June 10
For many fourth-year medical students, the away rotation can come with challenges. Fellow Marissa describes how to combat these obstacles and get the most out of the away rotation experience.
June 9
Fellow Danielle discusses the factors that contribute to a patient's perception of quality healthcare and how physicians can use these factors to improve care.