Chicago, IL | 11.22.14

The future physician leaders that make up the American Medical Student Association are passionate about improving health care in this country, starting with the culture of medicine.

January 29
I had initially thought that palliative care was synonymous with hospice care and only dealt in “end-of-life” medicine. Boy was I wrong.
January 27
Coming into this process I would have said I only spoke English. Now I would reflect on that time almost three years ago and say I probably spoke two fluent languages: English and Patient.
January 26
Today we’re reading about physician advocacy, physician happiness and new ways to monitor glucose levels for diabetics.
January 22
As medicine improves and technologies advance, so do the number of relatively healthy patients who live well into their 80s and 90s.
January 21
Today we’re reading about smartphone data, patient-doctor relationships and primary care technology.
January 20
Recently the Mayo clinic named a patient as a Visiting Professor for 2015. The patient, Dave deBronkart (otherwise known as “e-Patient Dave”) was chosen by the Internal Medicine Chief Residents to fulfill this unique role.