San Francisco, CA 10.22.15

Costs of Care, the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value and JAMA Internal Medicine are partnering with The American Resident Project, to host the Creating Value Challenge 2015.

September 2
For leadership to be effective, it has to help guide the team forward to a common goal.
August 31
I take care of an incredibly wide range of patients and conditions in the intensive care unit.
August 21
A person’s health is more than medications, diet, or exercise habits.
August 19
I was browsing one of the medical forums that I frequent a few months back, and came across a post that really rubbed me the wrong way.
August 10
Almost every medical professional likely deals with some type of ethical dilemma on a frequent basis.
August 6
I have the privilege of having my continuity clinic where only 50% of the patient population speaks English.