Chicago, IL | 11.22.14

The future physician leaders that make up the American Medical Student Association are passionate about improving health care in this country, starting with the culture of medicine.

March 5
I recently read an article which estimated that if the amount of digital information that reaches our eyes were converted into traditional media it would be equivalent to having a stack of 174 newspapers to read every day.
March 3
Unless you’ve been practicing concierge medicine or living under a rock, you’ve probably felt the rising pressure on physicians to see more patients, document more details and fill more shoes.
March 2
Today we’re reading about Jennifer M. Joe, MD’s experience in the medical field, how Google Glass is valuable to paramedics and the benefits of sharing medical records with patients.
February 26
They say that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Few things in medicine illustrate that as well as how we've approached chronic pain management in the past 10-20 years.
February 26
What is the phenomenon of the flipped patient? One fellow offers her viewpoint.
February 24
Health care has been a huge part of the political landscape for a very long time, but in the last few years it has become a lightning rod and that is seriously hindering real transformation of our health care system.